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Please take a moment to browse our selection of high quality kosher gifts for those personal friends, acquaintances or business clients that are most valuable to you. We take great care in packaging each kosher food basket with only the finest ingredients available. Each item is decorated with quality ribbons and bows that will WOW your recipients with a lasting impression for years to come. We carry a full line of line of varied and different baskets for the many different Jewish Holidays throughout the year.

Made with only the finest gourmet foods our Kosher Sympathy Baskets are an easy way to give heartwarming gifts that adhere to even the strictest guidelines. Our Kosher Sympathy Gift Baskets will warm the hearts of your friends and colleagues. At Kosherline our mission is to provide you with elegant, superb and upscale kosher gift baskets. Whether you are shipping to New York City, New Jersey, Brooklyn , or anywhere in the country, Kosherline is your 1 Choice for quality kosher gift baskets. Your kosher gift basket order will arrive in perfect condition. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the item for a replacement, exchange or refund.

Once you have used us we are confident that you will return for all your kosher gift giving needs. If you can't find a kosher basket that is perfect for your needs, please call us and we will design a kosher food basket that fits your budget and occasion. In New York City there is an OU Rabbinic supervisor that spots checks on our business very often during the year to make sure that all our kosher gift baskets are maintained with the highest standards of Kashrus.

Put the cushion in the center of the fabric with the attached foam board facing up. Starting at one side, wrap the fabric up over the cushion and secure it with hot glue on the board. Work your way all around bringing up the fabric on all sides, tucking the corners neatly. When all sides are wrapped and glued to the top, trim any excess fabric on the foam board. Step 5 Using a cookie sheet for the top will give the desk an added benefit of being magnetic.

Simply attach the underside of the cookie sheet to the foam board on top of the cushion with Gorilla Glue. For a wood top, cut the scrap plywood to match the cushion size, and sand the edges and top for a smooth surface. Then, attach it to the foam board on the cushion with Gorilla glue. Cover it with fun scrapbook paper or printed contact paper, paint or stencil designs and initials, or wood-stain it for a neat, classic look The objective of the game is to fill out all the empty squares having all the numbers 1 through 9 any order in every row, column or 3x3 subsection.

Bags No siftet needed. In severe summer heat, inadequate water levels in the body can cause dehydration. Many people are unaware when their body lacks a sufficient amount of water. To keep hydrated, start your day with a large glass of water and drink one full glass of water before every meal. If you are busy and forget to drink, set a reminder for yourself. Avoid consequences of overexposure by wearing appropriate summer gear like sunhats, sunglasses, visors, etc. Burns can be treated with fresh aloe vera leaf for the best healing results and immediate cooling.

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Training provided-no prior experience required. Send resume to Nechama at:. Stop that racket! You give me such a headache! I just thought you would do better. The idea of mindfulness is to be present in your thoughts and actions. What that means is that when you are interacting with your child not every minute of every day! This living in the present moment helps your children not only learn about you and the way you function in the world, but also about themselves.

When we emotionally connect to our children, they develop a deeper sense of themselves and their ability to interact with the world around them. If your parents spoke to you in a certain way, then you will inevitably speak to your children that way. If your mother gave you guilt about that second cookie you ate, then you will give your daughter guilt about her second cookie. The tenth anniversary edition of Parenting from the Inside Out comes to tell us once again that our childhood is not our destiny.

Shaped by them? But, if you approach parenting as a burden, you will ultimately stumble 1. This means that we understand that the actions that we take and that others take are just the surface of what we are feeling, but that there is a deeper process taking place in the mind.

If as a parent, you focus on the mind, you are helping your child develop emotional understanding and building their social skills. If, instead, you approach those challenges as learning opportunities, you can continue to grow and develop. Ultimately those challenges can give you a second chance at those difficult situations you might have been placed in before. Research shows that our brains never stop developing, and parenting provides you with an opportunity for lifelong learning.

It is also sometimes important to respond to the same situation in different ways because of extenuating circumstances. To that end, children challenge us to remain flexible and to maintain our emotional calm. This flexibility will greatly aid them later in life when they are faced with challenges of their own.

This one should be an easy one. The idea behind this one is that parents and children should revel in the wondrous world they live in. Even our everyday experiences can be joyful. We can reflect on those everyday moments with our children and appreciate them. While it might sound cheesy, simply enjoying being with our children is an important piece of the puzzle. Our Memories, Ourselves Now, we get to the part about using our past experiences to shape who we are as parents, rather than to define us.

Of course, when we are parents, our previous experiences influence the way we act with our own children.

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And, if we have not fully processed those experiences, those possibly negative encounters could trigger negative interactions in our own parent-child relationships. Siegel and Hartzell call these. Even though these memories are outside of our conscious control, they can change the way we interact with our children. These implicit memories can interfere with our abilities to live mindfully, respond flexibly, and maintain mindsight. For instance, if you remember your little brother frequently screamed before he went to sleep at night for an hour and no one picked him up,. What can you do to prevent these implicit memories from taking over your ability to respond flexibly and live a life of joy?

When you feel yourself having a disproportionately extreme reaction to minor setbacks, you can take a moment. Be mindful. See the challenge as an opportunity for growth. Evaluate your choices of response. Look at it through another perspective. And, finally, choose to parent with joy. An acclaimed educator and education consultant, Mrs. Rifka Schonfeld has served the Jewish community for close to thirty years. She founded and directs the widely acclaimed educational program, SOS, servicing all grade levels in secular as well as Hebrew studies.

A kriah and reading specialist, she has given dynamic workshops and has set up reading labs in many schools. In addition, she offers evaluations G. She can be reached at or at rifkaschonfeld gmail. You can view the web at rifkaschonfeldsos. Register now for a anger management workshop by Dr. Ross Greene on November 14, Please call Mrs. Schonfeld at for more information. You can email your order to order shopmountainfruit.

Join us as we explore, in-depth, the episodes in the past that created change, inspired revolutions, and rewrote the history of the world. The event was organized by the NAACP, church, and community leaders to protest violence directed towards African Americans, such as recent lynchings in Waco and Memphis. The parade was precipitated by the East St. Louis riots in May and July where at least 40 black people were killed by white mobs who had been whipped into a frenzy by labor unions in order to resist strike breaking efforts.

Tensions in East St. Louis, Illinois were brewing between white and black workers. Many black workers had found work in the local industry, leading white workers to fear for job security, and wage security, due to this new competition. Thousands of white men descended on East St. Louis, and began attacking African Americans. They destroyed buildings, and beat people. The rioting died down, only to rise with vigor again several weeks later. After an incident in which a police officer was shot by black residents of the city, thousands of whites marched and rioted in the city again.

Created by an extraordinary team of talmidei chachamim, this is the finest elucidation of Or HaChaim in any language. It includes:. Includes the Or HaChaim's magnificent poetic introduction, elucidated for the first time in clear, understandable English, making its depth and grandeur available to all. Also includes biographical information about the Or HaChaim, his works and his times. Louis and the nation. Marcus Garvey declared in a speech that the riot was "one of the bloodiest outrages against mankind" and a "wholesale massacre of our people", insisting that "This is no time for fine words, but a time to lift one's voice against the savagery of a people who claim to be the dispensers of democracy.

B DuBois and Martha Gruening visited the city after the riot on July 2 in order to speak to witnesses and survivors. Phillips Church in New York to decide how to protest the riots.

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Black women in New York had also participated in earlier silent parades with white women, like the June silent parade in support of the Red Cross. Villard's mother, Fanny Garrison Villard, had organized a silent march for suffragettes in New York in However, for this protest, organizers felt that it was important that only black people participate because they were the main victims of the recent violence.

The parade was advertised in The New York Age where it was described as a "mute. It was hoped that around ten thousand people would be able to participate, and that African Americans in other cities might hold their own parades. The New York parade was announced ahead of time in other cities as well. In the midst of record heat in New York City on July 28, estimates of 8, to 15, African Americans marched in silent protest to the lynchings, as in Waco, Memphis, and especially the East St. Louis riots.

The march began at 57th Street, down Fifth Avenue, to its end at 23rd Street. Protesters carried signs that highlighted their discontent. Some signs and banners appealed directly to President Woodrow Wilson. A mounted police escort led the parade. Women and children were next, dressed in white. They were followed by the men, dressed in black. People of all races looked on from both sides of Fifth Avenue. The New York Age estimated that "fully fifteen thousand Negroes, who should have taken an active part, looked on. During the parade, white people stopped to listen to black people explain the reasons for the march and other white bystanders expressed support and sympathy.

The parade marked the first large black-only protest parade in New York. Without a shout or a cheer they. Ross W. Greene, Ph. Greene is the developer of the research-based method now called Collaborative and Proactive Solutions. Media coverage of the march helped to counter the dehumanization of black people in the United States. The parade and its coverage helped depict the NAACP as a "well-organized and mannerly group" and also helped increase its visibility both among white and black people alike. Marchers hoped to influence Democratic President Wilson to carry through on his election promises to African American voters to implement anti-lynching legislation, and promote Black causes.

Four days after the silent parade, black leaders involved in the protest, including Madame C. Walker, went to Washington D. The appointment was not kept, as the group of leaders was told that Wilson had "another appointment. Wilson did not do so and repudiated his promises. Federal discrimination against African Americans increased during Wilson's presidency. Legacy The parade was the very first protest of its kind in New York, and the second instance of African Americans publicly demonstrating for civil rights. The Silent Parade evoked empathy by Jewish people who remembered pogroms against them and inspired the media to express support of African Americans in their struggle against lynching and oppression.

A large meeting was held in the Newark Armory when the parade was complete. The U. Park Service estimated over 35, people participated. In East St. Louis, there was a week-long commemoration of the riots and march in the weeks prior to the th anniversary on July 28, Everyone marched in silence, with many women in white and men wearing black suits. Those who couldn't walk, followed by car. The event, with around people and many participants wearing white, was not able to march down Fifth Avenue because the city would not grant access due to Trump Tower being located there.

The commemoration took place on Sixth Avenue instead and the group held up portraits of contemporary victims of violence by both police and vigilantes in the United States. Another large silent parade took place in Newark in Weissmandl Chicken Legs Family Pack Steak Family Pack Natural Pasture London Broil London broil Cholent Meat Natural Pasture Not responsible for typographical errors All specials while supplies last No rain checks.

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